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Jueves 22 de Octubre 2020

FOTOS- Animales a la Van Gogh

02 de Enero 2019

Todo comenzó cuando un blog educativo compartió erróneamente su pintura de la Torre Eiffel y la marcó como una pintura de Van Gogh por error. Vale la pena mencionar que esta pintura de la Torre Eiffel se completó en 1889 y el famoso artista murió en 1890. Pasó el resto de su vida en el sur de Francia, por lo tanto, no es posible que siquiera haya visto la famosa torre.

Después de que esto sucediera, Trier decidió divertirse un poco con esta situación y creó toda una serie de pinturas de estilo Van Gogh que muestran las cosas que el famoso pintor holandés nunca pudo ver antes de su muerte. Así nació la serie ‘Van Gogh Never’.

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WANT TO SEE YOUR DOG IN ONE OF MY STARRY NIGHT INSPIRED WORKS? I am looking for some great doggo references for upcoming paintings. Just upload a clear pic of your dog with the hashtag #starrynightdogs and if I pick your image, you get first crack at the painting and a free print of the final product! ****Guidelines for pics**** - please make sure they are clear, straight on pics like the ones above (no overhead shots) and no super close ups, I need the whole body for this series. Preference goes to shots of dogs sitting, and extra special preference goes to profile shots (from the side) of dogs looking up at the sky, or shots of dogs from the back (examples seen in the image above!) This is a whole series I am working on so there needs to be a commonality. Again - if I choose your image, I will paint it, upload it to instagram, tag you in the image, and you will receive a free 12x12 print of the finished piece (the same size as the original painting) and you will be able to choose if you'd like to purchase the piece. Please, no direct messages or emails with images, and please do not message me to ask if I plan to use your image. That can get way out of hand and my inbox is already out of control most days. Also, these are not commissions. I have not taken on commissions in several years and do not plan to. This is as close as anyone will come to a custom piece from me at this time. Simply upload your pic to with the hashtag #starrynightdogs and tag me in it @sagittariusgallery - then follow my account to see if I choose your image! Thanks!! #art #dogart #starrynight #dogpainting #dogsofinstagram #doggo #mansbestfriend #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #ajatrier #oilpainting #oiloncanvas #artist #artwork #artdrop

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